I am a Graphic Designer, Photographer and Outdoor Enthusiast

I love to tell good stories. I aspire to good marketing strategies and authentic design.

And I am totally in love with awesome video content.

On the road. Looking for new adventures.
Aspiring to the best marketing.

Let me tell your story!


A firm footing of knowledge, plenty years of experience and a lot of creativity 
= that's what I work with.

My Skills.

graphic and communication design

Diploma in Graphic and Communication Design (2013) 

I am 

– developing marketing strategies 

– evolving corporate design and identity 

– and doing a lot of layouting stuff


I am 

– travelling for charity organizations (photo- and videography) 

– doing product photography

– wedding shoots

– portraits 

– and a lot of landscape and nature photography 

all the crazy outdoor stuff

I am 

– a canoe tour guide

– whitewater paddler

– treehouse builder

– climber

– hiker all around the globe 

– lover of all mostly all outdoor activities 


“Abenteuerland“ is the german word for a land full of adventure, for „the adventureland“.  I think most of us are searching for their personal adventureland. A land where you can be who you are, be free and full of enthusiasm. A land full of good experience, challenge and success. To find this land is always a journey.  Everything starts with a small step.  

A deep breath. 

For me as a graphic and communication designer, this picture of the adventure land suits my understanding of marketing well. I want to encourage people to come into an adventureland. Not into a fluffy wonderland, where nothing is connected to reality. But into a land with real adventure, real success and real solutions for their lifes. I want to tell them stories, show them pictures and let them dive into a world full of new experiences. That’s what I try to do with every marketing strategy for my clients. 

With authentic design, high quality photographs and good storytelling, I make your product, organization or service appear in the right light!

Have a look on some of my design projects, videos and social media action